Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper


Via theguiterrorist: Nike Campaign "Borrows" Album Art. I think the first part of the article misses the point a little. It makes it sound as though Nike is attempting to pass off the design as wholly their own, and I don't think that's what Nike is trying to do at all. I think they're deliberately trying to imitate the Minor Threat album cover, with the hope that those who catch the cultural reference and the cute play on words will appreciate it and decide that Nike is cool -- which, to me, is much more insidious.

However, I think the rest of the article is dead-on. I don't believe that Corporations Are Necessarily Bad, but under our current system, they are much too difficult to hold accountable for their actions -- like, say, stealing other people's designs -- and more so, the bigger they are and the more money they have.

(Also, the original font was way better. Sheesh.)


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