Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

These six-degrees sort of moments

Woohoo! I'm in! 98 days until race day. That means that I need to start training now. It also means that I need to go shoe shopping tomorrow. I usually hate spending money on gear -- in fact, that's one of the reasons I like running, because you don't have to buy a lot of stuff for it. But it's time. I trained for and ran two marathons on my current shoes, plus some additional running here and there -- close to a thousand miles, all told -- and they're in terrible shape. At this point, I think it'd actually be bad for my race, not to mention my health, to keep running on 'em. So yep. To the Slave Nation Army with them. voolala, I'm so excited we're going to do this together!

It's jwithington's last weekend in town. Actually, each of the last three weekends have been jwithington's last weekend in town, but, well, yeah. Stuff's slowly coming together. He's unloading a lot of DVDs and books on eBay and by other means, and the fewer possessions/more money he has, the easier moving becomes, so that's pretty cool. This morning, we went to breakfast with Nate, Angelica, hiamanda, and their friend Rory. It was pretty crazy, actually -- I'd met Rory the night before while hanging out with Nate and Ang, but when we all got to Logan Square and met up with Amanda, it turned out Rory already knew her, and not only that, but he was rmfleming's co-worker and in fact had arrived in Chicago with her to go to a librarians' conference-type thing. These six-degrees sort of moments just get more frequent, the more people I get to know.

My five-year high school reunion was last night. I didn't go, partly because I didn't have a ride (it was in Iowa), partly because I would have had to miss work (it was at 6 p.m.), and partly because I was a dorky kid who didn't fit in at my high school (see rest of journal). But an old high school friend messaged me on Thursday night -- someone I hadn't talked to in a couple of years -- and we talked for a long time about all that's gone on and all the people we know. Turns out that a lot of them were hoping leadsynth and I could be there. I've made so little effort to stay in touch with high school people that it really amazes and touches me that they still care about us, and now I really kind of wish that I could have been at the reunion. Anyway, my friend promised to tell everyone hi for me and that I'm doing well, and she updated me on how a lot of them were doing. She herself finished college and is going back in a year or so to study radiology, and her boyfriend of two years is going for his chemistry Ph.D., which is awesome.


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