Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

In the jobs-and-excitement department...

I went over to Sound Advice after work tonight to talk to Maya's boss, Kate, about the Big House Casting and Audio website. (Kate wants the Big House site to be more like the Sound Advice one. So do I.) It was a blast. How many freelance gigs begin with your employer handing you a beer? We talked about website stuff for a long time, and then Maya showed me around the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Sound Advice/Big House studio, including her swanky new office. (It strikes me that my company could be doing a better job with the all-important interior-decoration aspect of running a business.) Anyway, it was fun, Kate is swell, and I'm going to be doing some work for them. We're excited.

...and Jim jwithington finally got to talk with someone at iD Tech today! They were supposed to have contacted him a while ago and didn't, but the good news is that he'll have an interview with them soon. Talking about it with him, together with the onset of really freaking hot weather, is bringing back memories from when I worked there, and that doesn't even include the first summer I worked there. One of these days, I've got to dig out all my old Plans entries from back then and retroactively post them here, so that everything I ever wrote about iD is in one place.

Bowling tomorrow night! Yay!

Tags: id tech 2004-2006

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