Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

I'm already thinking about my next fix.

When I look at the Twin Cities Marathon website, I realize what I've been missing, running the Lakeshore these past couple years. It just looks amazing. Registration's closed already, but the first 100 people to send in a late entry form and $175 can still be in the race on October 2nd. Of that money, the website explains, $75 is the regular entrance fee -- what everyone else paid. The other $100 is for one of the race-sponsored charities and is tax-deductible. I thought about it for a while today, knowing that if I put off my decision, I'd miss the first 100, and finally decided to go for it. I emailed them for the late entry form, and they emailed me back with the form within minutes. I printed it off, wrote a check, and mailed that mofo.

It's hard to pin me down on personality tests, because my nature is to go through a rational, logical, analytic decision process, then let my gut decide in the end. Some would consider me insane for wanting to spend $175 to run this race. I mean, I was going to do a fall marathon anyway, but this one's almost twice the cost of the Chicago Marathon a week later. But a marathon is a gut type of thing, and this one feels like the right thing to do. To hear voolala tell it, the course is really nice, and the crowds are great. And I've never run a big marathon, so maybe this one (10,500 participants) would be a better way to ease into it than the Chicago Marathon (40,000). Besides, I've been wanting to donate more to charity for a while. And to top it off, jwithington's going to be in the Twin Cities that weekend, because -- get this -- he's the best man in a wedding. There could be a pattern developing here. =) Now, I'm still not sure if I'll make that first 100; I think late entry has been open for several days. If I don't get in, they'll send me my check back, and then I'll need to figure out what to do. I'm hopeful, though.


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