Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

So many cats.

J-J meterbridge is taking care of a friend's cat, Percy, for a couple months, so that brings us to four cats in a small apartment. Not only that, but Maxx, Illyria and Cleo seem rather more active now that Percy is shaking up their world. So yeah, there's pretty much a cat everywhere you look, walk, or try to sit down. I've always lived with cats and I love them, but it's too bad some of my friends are allergic -- one of the blue couches (designated "Death Couch" by Michael mrr) is particularly hazardous to their health.

In other news, my dorktastic color-coded running spreadsheet tells me that I've run 400 miles since February third. With T minus 8 days before the race, I have 20 miles left to do, spread out over five short runs. I feel okay.

Spinach salad with blue cheese and raspberry walnut dressing. So freaking good.


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