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Lindsey Kuper

Insta-Party (just add tequila)

Oh, so sleepy. We had a margarita party at my place last night. I really have to thank Maya leadsynth's friend Justin for helping pull it all together. I had gotten out of my post-running shower about an hour before the thing was supposed to start, and I was freaking out over not having been to the store for certain overlooked necessities yet, and over whether anyone was actually going to show up. Justin called to tell me that he was bringing pizza, a blender, ice, limes, and seven people, and what else did I need? When they arrived, it was Insta-Party. A bunch of my friends showed up as well, and fun was has by all. This morning, Jim jwithington had a hockey game to go to, but J-J meterbridge, Maya, Michael mrr and I sat around and talked and dicked around with our computers for a while. Actually, Michael showed me the Orbitz network operations center, which was pretty awesome. After that, we drove out to Skokie to take my recyclables to the recycling center (and if that's not your idea of a good time, I don't know what is!), then hit up Wendy's for free Frostys. (We almost said "hold the fingers", but decided to be nice.)

The marathon is in two weeks! So soon. I'm already wondering when my next fix will be. Maybe I'll train for and run the Chicago Marathon this fall. One minute, I think it's a great idea. The next minute, I think about all the other things I want to do with my time instead. What about learning how to draw? What about getting to be a better Linux user? It's really a shame how little I know about my computer and how little I do with it when I could be doing so much. Six or seven Firefox tabs, a spreadsheet where I keep track of my mileage, and an enormous and always-open scratch.txt file where I dump out my brain -- that's about all I ever have open. Maybe a terminal window now and then. I can't motivate myself to use GnuCash, despite Chris underwhelm's glowing recommendation, and I'm missing some driver or something I need to make my computer play music, which I'm sort of afraid to fix. I mean, if I could just sit here and listen to music, why would I ever go running?

In other news, I just read the whole OkCupid! FAQ. I'm still probably not going to sign up, but it's hilarious:

3.4. Are my answers public or private?

Both, really. Your answers are private in the sense that they say something very specific and personal about you, and that in many instances they reveal a part of you that only those closest to you should know. Your answers are public in the sense that we put them on our website.

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