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Twin high-maintenance machines

It's really hard for me to listen to music -- really listen, that is -- when other people are around, or when I'm trying to do other things that involve thought. So it's a good thing my hobby enables/forces me to listen to a record over and over by myself for hours. A little while ago, I got back from my 20-mile run (it went much better than last year, thanks), during which I listened -- really listened, that is -- to this new Mountain Goats record.

I'm completely floored. My thoughts are (1) wow, and (2) how did this guy crawl inside your head, Jim? And what must you think of me for talking all those times in the car while these songs were playing? 'cause, Jesus...

You are sleeping off your demons
when I come home
Spittle bubbling on your lips
Fine white foam
I am young and I am good
It's a hot southern California day
If I wake you up
there will be hell to pay

And alone in my room,
I am the last of a lost civilization
And I vanish into the dark
and rise above my station
Rise above my station

But I do wake you up, and when I do,
you blaze down the hall and you scream
I'm in my room with the headphones on (and right here's where I start tensing up and twitching...)
Deep in the dream...chamber

And then I'm awake
and I'm guarding my face
Hoping you don't break my stereo
Because it's the one thing that I couldn't live without
and so I think about that
and then I sorta black out

Held under these smothering waves
by your strong and thick-veined hand
But one of these days,
I'm gonna wriggle up on dry land

Jesus. Colin theguiterrorist, have you heard this yet? You should.

Right, so anyway. If I didn't screw up or miscount, I ran 20 miles in three hours and 47 minutes. Even including the very long bathroom break I took in the middle, that's just slightly slower than my race pace last year. At this moment, I think I'm as fit I've ever been; in a little while, I may be as sore. But no, it was a good run. I wrote some lyrics while I was out there, too.

Also, I know exactly what I would like to do when the race is over. And it involves all-you-can-eat sushi. And making friends with someone with a hot tub, stat.

Tags: marathon 2005, songwriting

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