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Lead Synth: Mom and Dad still don't have a tree. Mom says if we don't get one soon, "we may have to improvise," whatever that means.
KuperStar: Yeah, what the hell?
KuperStar: Either you have one or you don't, Mom!
Lead Synth: That's what I said. Mom was like, "Oh you know, get a branch or something."
KuperStar: Oh, my GOD.
KuperStar: That's so Mom.
Lead Synth: I know. And she's 100% serious
KuperStar: I hope you started laughing then, and I hope she did, too.
KuperStar: I hope for the sake of all of us.
Lead Synth: We did laugh. :)
KuperStar: Did Dad make fun of her for a while?
Lead Synth: Dad wasn't there. Also, every time I'm like, "Let's go get a tree," she says something about how she needs to clean up the tree area first.
KuperStar: Of course she does.
KuperStar: The "tree area". Jeez.
KuperStar: Not as though the "tree area" won't get messy when the tree actually gets dragged in.
Lead Synth: and then I say, "Well, let's clean it up," and she says she hasn't decided where the tree should go!
KuperStar: Oh, for crying out loud. It should go where it always goes.
Lead Synth: Dad and I have been making fun of her for other things, tho.
KuperStar: Good. All's as it should be. =)
Lead Synth: Like she said something about how Wally always follows her "five-sixths of the way down the driveway"
Lead Synth: Not three-quarters, or half.
Lead Synth: or partway, or most of the way.
Lead Synth: But FIVE-SIXTHS!!
KuperStar: Agggggh!
Lead Synth: So Dad and I have been going "Five-sixxxthhhsss"
KuperStar: I love Mom. =)
Tags: fixme

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