Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

I've had a hard time capturing the beauty

of this place in photography or words. Driving north out of Seattle, I realized that there was no picture I could take that could put across the amazing feeling of having mountain ranges on both sides of me. I've pretty much accepted that that's true, but still, I wish there was some way I could show or explain it to all of you.

In Bellingham, I walked around the college where Jim jwithington had a job interview test-type thing and searched in vain for wi-fi. (I'm realizing that Grinnellians are kind of spoiled, having all the wireless access points that they do.) Then we drove to Mt. Baker and wound our way up a twisty mountain road. It was really cool watching the precipitation change as we got up past the snow line. The views were amazing, and I loved the quirky little mountain towns we went through. I want to go back and stay in some of those places sometime. I want to show people.

Back in Bellingham last night, we walked around the Fairhaven part of downtown, but couldn't decide if it was actually adorable, or Disney-fake adorable. It's hard to fake a sunset, though. We made our way back to Seattle and spent a second night at my friend Shelly's. I wish we'd gotten into town soon enough to take her out for a drink or something to thank her for her awesomeness.

This morning we headed down to Portland, and right now we're hanging at Roy royhuggins's place. He is a terrific host. I'm really glad we get to stay here for two nights, because we haven't been anywhere for two consecutive nights yet, and because he's great! (Too bad Electra eliciel isn't here, though.) We spent the day finding a place with Internet access (much easier here than anywhere else we've been) and then cruising around Portland for a while. When we got to Roy's, we got settled (he added this computer (which is Pam zerbie's, actually) to their household wireless network -- did I mention he's a terrific host?) and then we all went to meet Matt and Jenn for sushi. It was very cool to see Matt after many months and meet Jenn for the first time. Also, it was the first sushi that wasn't all-you-can-eat buffet sushi that I'd had in years. The halibut, which I guess is the really good local fish, was really something else.

Afterward, we walked around the schwanky Pearl District for a little while, and I picked up the Fiery Furnaces EP, which I'm digging in the little I've listened to it so far. The songs are more, uh, songy. I liked the album too, but an album is sometimes a lot of music to have to appreciate all at once, so it's nice when songs stand alone enough for you to be able to appreciate each one individually.

Finally, Roy took us to see his friend's band, the Very Foundation. You know how sometimes someone's like "You really need to go see my friend's band, they're great" and you kind of reluctantly go? Well, it really was great. It took me a little while to warm up to them, but by the fourth or fifth song I was really into it. The singer was a total rock star, playing his guitar with his teeth and the mike stand. It was entirely ricockulous. And now we're back home, although Roy decided to stay out for a while.

So yeah. Um. Jim is moving here in a month. I'm considering pulling a Spurgeon and moving out here in October when my Evanston lease runs out. People are telling me to go for it, because I'm young and I don't have a lot of stuff and I'm not especially tied to Chicago and the Midwest, and also because (as weird as it is to talk about) even if, you know, the whole relationship part of it doesn't work out, well, I'd still be living someplace cool, with all these cool people around.

It's going to be weird this summer when we probably won't see each other for four months. We don't know what's going to happen. I guess you never do. But right now we're in Portland, and it feels right, and we're both kind of starting to speak in terms of "when we live out here...", which is exciting.

I don't usually do this kind of thing. Maybe I should start.


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