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I can't stop.

Amazing 13-mile run this morning. I went out with the goal in mind to finish thirteen miles within three spins of my beloved Squeeze Singles. The record is 43:44 long, so basically 132:00 was what I was trying to get, if you count time for starting it over.

For most of the time I was running, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off. You can't just give everything you've got at the beginning of a 13-mile run, and it's hard to know when you can give everything you've got. Plus, I've been running kind of slow all week, and thirteen is the most I've tried to do this year. By the 10-mile point, I was going along up the outer lakefill path, west of Pick-Staiger, on track 5 of my third time through, worried that I wouldn't finish in time, and I just decided to stop worrying and do something about it. So I pushed it. Just started going really hard. By the 11-mile point, I was in a red-hot endorphin haze. Incredible. I kept it up all the way up to SPAC and back down the lakefill to Church Street, the 12-mile point, where I took my fourth and last walking break. I had an entire four songs to run my last mile in! That's so much time! So I ran a nice, slow, relaxed last mile and still finished in 127:00 -- and then kept running simply because I felt like it, for probably another half a mile. It was beautiful. I came home and did some serious stretchin' and showerin', then had an enormous lunch. Yum. And you know, I hurt a little, but not too much, really! My toes are blistery, but I figure that you can have nice feet, or you can run marathons.

The combination of (a) training for a marathon, (b) wanting to listen to music while I'm running, and (c) not owning an mp3 player means that I spend a lot of time listening to albums straight through, several times through. It forces me to think more carefully about my listening choice when I know that what I choose is what I'll be listening to for the next two hours. I kind of like that. I'm working on a new mix for Jim jwithington and am trying to bring the same amount of thought to my choices. I've gotten a lot better at making mix CDs in recent years. I know there needs to be a Squeeze song on there, but I'm not sure what. I've pretty much voted down "If I Didn't Love You", because it's just not their best, even though it has one of my favorite verses from a pop song ever.

If I didn't love you I'd hate you
I'm playing your stereogram
Singles remind me of kisses
Albums remind me of plans

Of course, I'm tempted to just go with "Tempted" despite its overplayedness. The piano and those "whoo-ooo-ooh" backing vocals are so freaking addictive. (That's what happens when you get Elvis Costello to produce your song.) But there are so many good choices. I'll have to give it some thought.

Also, I dragged out Dusk for my 3-mile run last night. Most of the time, I can't listen to this record too much -- the guy is like a whinier, preachier Bowie. But there's this one song, or actually, just the last part of the last song, that's an absolute home run. Because this is how I am:

I'm in love with the planet I'm standing on
I can't stop. I can't stop thinking of
All the people I've ever loved
All the people I have lost
All the people I'll never know
All the feelings I've never shown
The world's too big and life's too short to be alone
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