Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Didn't get to run today.

Because I'm really smart, I forgot that I had to pay the rent, so I spent most of my afternoon taking a train, then a bus, to Skokie to drop off my rent check because it was too late to mail it, then taking a bus, then a train, back home. It was okay, though. The management place is right by this skateboard store, so while I was waiting for the bus I got to watch all these kids, who couldn't have been more than twelve, trying out skateboards in the parking lot. It was very cute. They reminded me of our group of skaters at camp last summer. And if I do seven miles tomorrow and five on Monday, I'm still caught up.

I also managed to wash the dishes and do laundry. Woo! And Jim jwithington and I are going to see Jeff Tweedy tonight! Also woo! Although I'm sorry to miss the show (and opening party thing) that Maya leadsynth is board-opping and designing a little of, too.

eek! Concert! Gotta hurry...

Tags: marathon 2005

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