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Linkage burnout

I did no Christmas shopping on this most dreaded of shopping days, but I did some thinking and planning. I'm very excited about Maya leadsynth's present -- I know it's something she wants, because she's mentioned it, but I also think it's going to be a complete surprise, so that's sort of the Holy Grail of gift-giving. Amanda hiamanda's gift I have already. It's not really any big deal, but I think she'll like it; I'm happy I thought of it. I'm pretty sure what to give J-J meterbridge, but I'm not sure how I'm going to procure it without him finding out.

I'm thinking about getting a decent shredder for my mom. She currently actually cuts up sensitive documents with a scissors before throwing them away, since that's the kind of person she is. Besides, shredders are awesome, and it'd appeal to her proclivity for office supplies. Kind of a boring gift, though. I'd have to give her something more interesting, as well. Not really sure what to get for my dad. I need to get him something under $15, since I drew his name in the Kuper-side gift exchange, but I'd like to get him a bigger gift for our own little Mom-Dad-Maya-Lindsey exchange. It's hard to say what. He's not really a "stuff" kind of guy. He's not really into gadgets or clothes. He's been using the same double-sided razor forever and plans to keep using it forever. He likes food, though. Wine, that kind of thing. Maybe a bottle of Scotch. He'd like that. It's exciting to have money to spend on my loved ones!

Speaking of giving, am I the last person in the world to have found out about this? I've been reading about it, and it seems really cool. I'd like to participate, but it's hard to decide what book to release. It seems like a cop-out to use a lame book that I don't want. Unfortunately I'm greedy and want to keep all of the books that I actually like. A few weeks ago, I donated a book to the Salvation Army; it was a book I liked, but I had two copies of it. That would've been perfect. In fact, according to the site, some members regularly buy two copies of books they want, so they have one to release. That's awesome.

I'm leaning toward High Fidelity, not because I didn't like it (I liked it a lot), but because I bought it recently enough that it doesn't have any scrawling in the margins or underlining or anything yet (yeah, I do that with books I read for pleasure), which would be a deal-breaker as far as releasing goes. Plus, I think its appeal is universal enough to make it a good candidate for a thing like this.

What's ironic is that I read about such a seemingly anti-capitalist thing by following a link from Lovemarks, which is run by an ad agency. (I got there by following a link from a v-2 article, which was linked from an old A List Apart article, which made me breathe heavily, if only from the effort of hefting the dictionary. Yeah, last night was that kind of night.)

I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with some of Maya's friends, and I'm doing the same thing tomorrow night with some of my own friends. It's odd not to be home with my mom and dad, but I wanted to save some time off for Christmas, when I can go home and really relax. Actually, it's only been two days, and I already feel incredibly refreshed -- much more so than the average weekend makes me. I suspect it has to do with the fact that I'm finally getting the alone time I crave.


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