Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Two hours ago: filth-encrusted bathroom.

Now: sparkling bathroom; filth-encrusted Lindsey.

I really hate writing about my journal in my journal -- it's enough that the medium is so much the message, without the message being all about the frickin' medium -- but this needs to be said: I've realized that the only world-readable entries in this journal -- the inoffensive ones -- also tend to be the shallow and uninteresting ones. (And really, how could they not be?) I'm very uncomfortable with this. I feel like either the whole thing should be public, or not. Neither of those alternatives seem very good.

How to live like me:

  • Only buy what you need. You can save $7 by using your roommate's computer all the time instead of buying a new processor fan for your own.
  • Take advantage of sale prices. The 1.5 liter bottle of Ketel One costs 39.99, but the 750 ml bottle costs 17.99. Buy two of the smaller bottles and save! Better yet, buy three of them!
  • Don't pay when you don't have to. Check to see if your cable TV works, even if you're not paying for it. You too could soon be watching twenty episodes of Law & Order per week.
  • Write in your LiveJournal while wearing a towel. I swear, I'm just waiting for the mopped bathroom floor to dry so I can take a shower. Really.

I miss individuals very much, but mostly I miss having all of you together, because that's the part I can't get back. We will never all be young and in one place. It breaks my heart.

Just what I needed!

Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns!

It's frustrating to be good enough at this to know that I could be saving myself a whole lot of effort, but not good enough to know how.


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