Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Wisconsin Death Trip

On Saturday, Amanda hiamanda and I drove up to Milwaukee to do some volunteering with MoveOn, making sure people had rides to the polls and such. I'm not sure how much we helped, in the somewhat affluent area to which we were assigned, but maybe we helped a little. For example, one woman gave us the name and phone number of her place of work, where, she said, there were a lot of people whom she doubted had rides. Someone from MoveOn was supposed to call there today and see if they could offer rides to any of those people. I can't help wondering, though, that those people who are really least likely to make it to the polls are those who aren't on any organization's list. Did anyone go around to homeless shelters or nursing homes and register voters there and offer them rides? If so, those people are angels.

I guess I'd also rather volunteer for an organization who offers rides and assistance to anyone, regardless of political preference. Then we wouldn't have to begin our rap with, "How are you planning to vote?" A lot of people understandably refuse to tell some stranger the answer to that question, and then we can't really do a lot to help them out.

I never got an absentee ballot in the mail, even though I applied for one (sketchy (although I applied kinda late, and Chicago mail kinda sucks)), but I called my old county auditor in Iowa to make sure I was still registered to vote there, and I am. So it looks like I'm taking half a day off work and heading to Iowa to vote tomorrow. Illinois law says I get paid for two of those hours, which is cool. The other two or three will probably be unpaid vacation. Whatever. (I was worried that my bosses wouldn't like the fact that I was taking time off, but the general office consensus seemed to be, "You go, girl!" So that's good.) And I have dinner plans with some friends in Iowa -- fun!


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