Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Nothing to do with work or my computer, I promise.

Maya leadsynth fixed my life this weekend. She helped me pick up my room, which had had a giant, messy pile of stuff in the middle of the floor for weeks. Then she helped me pick up a desk from Josh and Loopy's place (er, usernames?), a desk which is really big and cool and which actually belongs to Pam zerbie (thanks!), but for now it's mine. We had to take it apart to fit it into the Buick-boat, and when disassembled, it was an unrecognizable pile of flat pieces, but Maya, having successfully put it together herself before1, assured me, "I know this desk." So it was great that she was around, because she helped me put it together again. And it's cool. DESK! And what's more, she went around to three (3) grocery stores with me, just so we could find the right kind of figs. And then she made macaroni and cheese for me. And she washed the dishes. And she didn't mind that I didn't want to go out to her friend's theatre thing, and she didn't mind that I needed to get my U2 fix, and I love her so much! Square brackets for [leadsynth].

J-J meterbridge fixed my life, too. He put up with my bickering and my Ikea-induced stupor, and helped me tie stuff tied stuff to the top of the Buick-boat, and he didn't kick me out of the apartment for committing the Cardinal Roommate Sin of eating all his crackers, then returning the empty box to the pantry. And he put my new desk chair and desk lamp2 together for me! Square brackets for [meterbridge].

  1. While house-sitting for Pam and J-J, and without having known what the finished desk was going to look like.
  2. For the desk. DESK!

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