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Yesterday I met someone who worked for iD this summer at UNC-Chapel Hill. (Will terror_firma, thank you for being an enabler.) We had lunch at Aroma. I need to meet more people like her, who are a) not Grinnell kids and b) my age. Not that there's anything wrong with Grinnell kids or people not my age, but it seems like almost everyone I know here who's my age is from Grinnell, and there's more to life than hanging out with the Chicago Grinnelligentsia all the time.

J-J meterbridge claims I'm a heavy sleeper, but this morning he woke me up by opening DVD cases in the living room. How's that for light sleeping? (Well, I think that's what he was doing, anyway. But who knows, maybe he was setting off demolition charges or something.)

I'm trying to install Gentoo, but having some issues. I'm sure things will eventually be okay, but it's kinda frustrating. At first I did the whole optional mirrorselect thing, and it didn't work at all; I couldn't bootstrap because the various servers it was trying kept timing out, or the files weren't there, or that kind of thing. So I got rid of the MIRRORSELECT= line in my make.conf, and it worked great. Go figure. But now I'm having other problems. I don't really mind, yet, because I'm learning stuff. But sooner or later I'll get to the point where I just want my computer to be usable.

Tags: id tech 2004-2006

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