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Flowers, twelve weeks later

It's been almost two months since I documented what's been going on with the flowers. Let's see how they're doing!

The smaller photos (click for larger versions) are from September 26th and October 26th, and the larger ones were taken on November 22nd.


Impatiens, September 26 Impatiens, October 26

Impatiens, November 22

No dramatic changes here, but I think the impatiens have gotten bushier, particularly the plants on the right side of the window box. Between September and October, the pot on the right of the window box changed; that's because the bigger pot was doing so well that I moved it out to the front porch to show it off -- more on that in a moment.

The main thing of interest is that the plant on the left has decided to start trying to grow out through the crack at the bottom of the window box. I suppose I should trim it or something, but I'm sort of rooting for it.1


Begonias, September 26 Begonias, October 26

Begonias, November 22

Meh. These have really failed to take off. I suspect that they aren't getting enough sun; they're under the same awning that covers the impatiens, which is great for the impatiens, but these want more light.

Chrysanthemums and begonias on the back deck:

Chrysanthemums and begonias on the back deck, September 26 Chrysanthemums and begonias on the back deck, October 26

Chrysanthemums and begonias on the back deck, November 22

Here on the back deck, the chrysanthemums had a rough time of it in October; I failed to water them for a while, and I guess they basically got fried in the direct sun. As we got into late October, I realized that they looked almost dead. I started paying closer attention to them and watering them more regularly (plus it started raining occasionally), and they're now kind of halfway back to life. The begonias, on the other hand, have been loving the weather, both the direct sun and the rain, and absolutely thriving.

Close-ups of the back-deck begonias:

Begonias on the back deck, September 26 Begonias on the back deck, October 26

Begonias on the back deck, November 22

I mean, damn! That is one nice-looking pot of begonias, wouldn't you agree?

Impatiens on the front porch:

Impatiens on the front porch, September 26 Impatiens on the front porch, October 26

Impatiens on the front porch, November 22

Here's that pot of impatiens that I swapped out from next to the window box on the patio. Nothing too exciting here; they seem to be doing fine by the front door.

The really exciting thing over the last two months has been the chrysanthemums' comeback. At eight weeks, I'd just realized how dead they looked and started to pay more attention to them, and a tiny bit of new growth was starting to show. They looked like this:

Chrysanthemums, October 26

And after a few more weeks of care, they looked like this, with a lot more new growth underneath the old dried-up bits:

Chrysanthemums, November 16

But they may never return to the bushy yellow glory that was September.

  1. ...SO TO SPEAK
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