Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Catching up.

I never did write about the band I was practicing with, and I've left some other stories unfinished, too. I'm too tired to finish them tonight, but I can stay awake long enough to cover a few other things:

  • A guy who lives down the hall from me is friends with a woman who apparently has the galley proofs for the next Neal Stephenson book. Holy lord in heaven.
  • Meso is up. Sort of. The videos aren't the final versions, and there are various changes that need to be made. But the rest of it's there! And I'm proud of my CSS.
  • Went to Matchbox this weekend with Amanda hiamanda and J-J meterbridge. It gets my vote for Cutest Bar In Existence. I think the capacity sign said 28. The mixed drinks (I had a chocolate martini and some of a gimlet) were the best I've ever had. J-J explained that the reason the gimlet was so good was that they use fresh-squeezed limes and sugar, and they use a little egg white to create a colloidal suspension so that the sugar doesn't settle to the bottom of the glass. The only bad thing about it was that I don't know if I can go back to drinking our run-of-the-mill Rose's Lime gimlets now. Also, I have got to find out more about this whole colloidal business, since it's apparently also what makes my favorite lotion so great. Better living through chemistry!
  • Checklist status:
    • [X] Apartment
    • [X] Job
    • [_] Band
    • [_] Life (but I'm working on it)
    • [_] Doing something bigger than myself (but I'm skipping going to Iowa on October 2nd so that Amanda and I can participate in Race for the Cure together, so that's a start, I guess)
  • I think I should wear heels more often. People say hi.

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