Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

"a serious undertone and/or an actual point."

Tomorrow, I'm heading to New York for the first week of my Hacker School residency.

I haven't met any Hacker Schoolers in person yet, but their current batch of students (their seventh, I believe) started this Monday, so I've been hanging out on their internal chat service (it works a lot like IRC, but with fancier searching and filtering), talking with students, alumni, other residents, and staff. They're an impressive bunch: the students, the staff, all of them. I'm really excited to get to spend a week with them.

The group will be having dinner together on Monday, and I'll be giving a talk afterward. They told me to "definitely err on the side of more technical" when choosing my topic, so I decided to do a research talk. Here's what Wikipedia says about "after-dinner speaking":

After Dinner Speaking (ADS) is a public address event similar to Speech to Entertain meant to take an important topic and make greater sense of it through the use of humor. It can take the form of any of the accepted public speaking structures but often takes the form of an Informative or Persuasive speech. This event covers a variety of topics, but the use of humor is central to the execution of the event. The After-Dinner speech should not resort to the base forms of humor. The humor should be topical and relevant to the idea presented. This type of speech is found at the collegiate level and is typically eight to ten minutes long. Generally, it is a humorous speech with a serious undertone and/or an actual point.

Right. So, a talk about LVars with some jokes thrown in should be perfect, right?

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