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Hey! So, lately I've been posting on my research blog more than I've been posting here. I got one request, sort of, to syndicate to here from the new blog. But I don't want to cross-post the entire contents of posts, because I like to have the freedom to continue editing things after they've gone up. I don't like the thought of versions being out of sync with each other, or of manually having to edit one to match updates in the other. So, true cross-posting probably isn't going to happen.

Automated cross-linking could happen, though. I'm partway toward rigging it up (and I can't find anything off-the-shelf that quite does what I want, so there is a bit of...rigging...involved), but first I thought I'd ask if there's an audience here for it. I'm skittish, because personally, I find these automated things annoying more often than not. Be honest: would you find it annoying if links to my research blog posts automatically appeared here?

In the meantime, here are a few recent posts:

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