Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

It's like I never left

I'm back in Mountain View, living at the same apartment complex, working at the same place with the same people, waiting at the same traffic lights on my way to and from work. Even the dented PLDI water bottle that I left in the kitchen cabinet at the office was still there after nine months.1

If I'm lucky, I might even manage to convince myself that I'm qualified for, and capable of, doing my job, on account of having literally done it before.

  1. I'm actually delighted about this. For background, last summer all the Rust interns went to PLDI and received, among other swag, water bottles that I liked a lot. But my bottle, after being crushed underneath the fold-down bed in Alex's and my apartment, was dented badly enough that it was more or less unusable. Sully gave me his bottle as a replacement, and I used it happily for some time, but during a bike ride this past winter, the cap flew off and was lost forever, making that bottle more or less unusable. So it was great to come back to Mozilla and find my dented bottle (with intact cap), which, together with Sully's intact bottle (with missing cap), leaves me with a complete, intact bottle-and-cap pair!
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