Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Let's play a game

Taking a page almost verbatim from DJ Conform's book:

Let us suppose that you are going to attend a wedding reception.1 This wedding reception is small enough that you know a good portion of the people there, but big enough to have amenities like a DJ. The DJ is playing a mix of rock, pop, and electronic music. There will be dancing, but the party isn't consumed by the music.

What three songs are you secretly hoping to hear? Songs that would surprise you and make your head explode with delight. Holy-crap-that-DJ-was-awesome songs.

  1. My friend Michael -- who runs Portland Afoot, and who is an excellent writer and excellent all-around human being, and who will be at our wedding -- wrote a 10-section treatise on "wedding playlist songs for white people". I eagerly await the day that Michael decides to go into music journalism full-time, but -- this list? Really? Coming from someone who feels like I do about music -- which is to say, someone who's a miniaturist, someone who will email me at midnight on a Tuesday to say "I've decided I prefer your 'sorta black out' but John's 'last of a lost civilization'" -- coming from that person, this list reads like the David's Bridal of wedding playlists. I expect more, man. I can understand the "selecting a wedding playlist is not the time to be a hero" angle, but I disagree. If not then, then when can you be a hero? Okay, sure, "Raspberry Beret" and "And She Was", of course, and we need to have "Hey Ya!" because Alex is from Atlanta (more or less), and because one of our cats is named after a member of Outkast (even if that wasn't our idea), and because it actually is a really good song. But "Brown-Eyed Girl" is Not Allowed, and if "Breakfast at Tiffany's" comes on at my wedding, I am leaving.

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