Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Bidynodes, five years on

Five years ago, I wrote a dumb little article about "two-way, cross-domain communication in the <script> tag". It was something I hacked up at work one day while trying to solve a problem. My solution didn't do anything much new; I was standing on the shoulders of all kinds of people who had written about cross-domain XMLHttpRequest workarounds before. All I did was put two or three people's ideas together, and then I wrote an article about it.

I think the technique my article describes is more or less obsolete now, since you've been able to do cross-domain XHR at least since 2009 in the case of Firefox, and it sounds like the situation is similar in all the other modern browsers. But even so, people are still bookmarking the thing. It's kind of a bummer that far more people seem to have paid attention to it than have ever paid attention to, say, any particular song on my podcast. I'm particularly amused that somebody tagged it with 'gwt'. Because, you know, my dumb little workaround hack that I did in 2006 has everything to do with the Java-to-JavaScript compiler that the innards of freakin' AdWords is made of.

What I'm happy with, though, is that I think my writing has aged well. I've become a better writer over the last decade or so, mostly because of this blog, and when I look back at my own writing now, 2006 seems to be just about the time when it starts to become tolerable. If I were writing the same article now, I'd probably be less cutesy, but honestly, I don't think I'd change much. Most of all, I'm glad that the demo still works after five years. How many five-year-old software demos on the web are even still there, let alone working? Most of the links in my article to other people's blogs and such -- all the people I borrowed ideas and code from -- are broken now. Bidynodes is actually the one defensible reason that I keep on renewing the registration on (which I actually bought specifically for the purposes of this article; in order to demo cross-domain stuff, I wanted a second domain that I knew I could keep around indefinitely!) year after year.

So, there's that. I'll be pretty happy if I ever write an academic paper that more than 20 people cite, or if I ever write a song that more than 20 people on the Internet admit to liking. I guess I'm happy to be appreciated for whatever it is people want to appreciate me for, but it would be nice if it were something I'm actually decent at! I mean, seriously, people, my JavaScript is awful.


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