Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Help answer a question about Street View -- for Science!

My friend Andrew works as an entomologist for the state of Florida. His job: "survey the state of Florida for invasive invertebrates". As far as I can tell, they picked precisely the right person for the job: I once drove around the Keys with Andrew for, like, an hour, and in that time I think there were at least three occurrences of him abruptly pulling the car to a halt so he could get out and peer at some roadside plant which looked ordinary enough to me but which had crucial significance to him and his work. He spends a lot of time poring over scientific literature and hiking around Florida's national parks to try and figure out what invasive species of arthropod is going to hit them next. He knows a lot about bugs.

Recently, he came across a Street View photo on Google Maps that shows some plants he's interested in. They're the three short little plants in the foreground. He's trying to figure out how long they've been there and growing, and knowing when the photo was taken might give him a guess at how long they were infested with the invasive pest he's currently pursuing. And so, Googlers in my life, I ask on his behalf: is there any way for us mortals to find out when the Street View van came around to Stock Island, Florida? Knowing the exact day would be great, but even knowing the month would be useful to him.


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