Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

The latest phase of Project Make My Computer Not Suck

Today I bought a ViewSonic 15" LCD monitor I found on craigslist. It's only a couple of months old, still under warranty, all that good stuff, and it was a steal at $200. It's really pretty. The only problem is that I haven't quite made it work yet. First I decided to just plug it right in and see what happened with Linux, since I've had pretty good luck in the past. At first it's fine, but when X tries to start, I get an "Out of Range" error. Since I bought the thing used, I don't have any manuals or anything, but I think I'm supposed to do like they say here. I'll have to mess with it.

I have more motivation than usual to make it work, because my old CRT recently went blurry in the middle from top to bottom. On another PMMCNS front, my keyboard and mouse are also ancient and crappy. I took all the keys off the keyboard and washed and replaced them recently, which made it look almost like new, but now I don't think the space bar is working quite right. I really have to bear down hard on it. It slows my typing and it's going to mess up my wrists. The mouse is also screwed up -- it goes through periods where the cursor just jumps around weirdly. Plus, the middle-click is way too sensitive. It takes almost nothing to middle-click. Other people have a hard time using Lightnin' because they're not used to my OS, where a highlight copies and a middle-click pastes, and they don't know that they have to be extremely gentle with the crappy mouse, so random stuff always gets pasted all over the place and they start freaking out. This while having to squint at the monitor. This is bad. I want people to enjoy using my computer, because I want people to enjoy using Linux. Heck, I want to enjoy using Linux, but right now it's not a lot of fun. I think that when I get the new monitor working and get a new keyboard and mouse, using my computer will be fun again. That'll be sweet.

I still want to write about my awesome weekend, but I need to hurry up and get back to Rachel rmfleming about her homework, so the weekend story will have to wait for now.

(Edit, later: I just got the ViewSonic to work! All I hadda do was run XFdrake, which is Mandrake's version of XF86config, and tweak things until it worked. I'm using it right now, and it's so pretty. Everything's crystal clear. There's this one rogue pixel in the middle somewhere that showed up red against the black as X was starting, but now it's fine. And I still want to write about the weekend, but I really need to sleep so that I'll be able to teach tomorrow. But I made the monitor work, woohoo!)


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