Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Second-world problems

As Alex reported, we discovered a leaky pipe above our kitchen a couple of evenings ago. We were hanging around the house as we usually do on Sunday night when I looked up and saw that water was dripping from the kitchen ceiling.

Last January, we had a pipe burst in roughly the same place while we were away on vacation, and the result from the four days of water damage was that a piece of our house needed to be ripped out and replaced. It was kind of a low point for Alex and me. Whenever we've hit bumps in our lives since then, I've always thought to myself, "Well, at least this is nowhere near as bad as last January!" and felt better. But when I saw that water dripping from the ceiling, I was suddenly afraid that it was about to get as bad as last January, and, briefly, I despaired.

But then we grabbed a wrench, went out to the front yard, found the the water main shutoff valve (which, far from being located at "the most inaccessible spot behind stickery bushes", is in fact right in the middle of the yard in a rather convenient manhole), and turned off the water to our house. It was almost like we're competent adults or something! Then we called our landlord, who came over a few minutes later bearing Halloween treats and apologies, despite it being almost midnight. So that was nice.

Not having running water in our house is inconvenient, but it hasn't been as bad as you might imagine. I've been brushing my teeth at school; I was able to take a shower at the running store after our running club meetup yesterday1; and this evening we turned the water back on for an hour or so in order to take showers and make dinner.

Still, I'll be happy when the water works again. The plumber's supposed to show up tomorrow morning, and we'll see what happens. The dripping stopped shortly after we shut off the water main, and the ceiling feels dry at this point -- let's hope that there's no significant damage!

  1. We've been going on runs with a group that meets at Indiana Running Company every Monday and Thursday. The group runs have been great for me; I go a little faster and further than I would otherwise, and the people are fun and interesting to talk to. More to the point, though: how cool is it that the running store let me use their shower? For one thing, it's awesome that they have a shower; it means that they know that their employees are active people with busy lives, and they care about their employees being able to combine their workout with their commute or with their lunch break or what have you. Providing a shower for employee use is a great thing for any employer to do. And furthermore, they let me use it! They didn't have to do that; I'm not even a customer -- I'm just someone who comes to running meetups. But the next time I want to buy some running gear, I'll definitely be going to them first.

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