Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

For every Win, there is an equal and opposite Fail.

After my initial audition, I got called back for two choirs, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble and University Chorale. Nice!

I did terribly in my callback audition. Terribly! They knew I knew it, too. They were like, "Don't worry, we know you're probably better than this." But do they? Sigh.

All kinds of people keep on complimenting me on the C311 and B521 websites!

One of our students found a really embarrassing security issue with the websites. You see, on our CS department's CGI server, PHP runs as the 'cgi' user, which is in the 'cgid' group. I, of course, am 'lkuper' in the 'students' group. I can't join the 'cgid' group, but I needed the files to be writable by PHP -- so I had write permissions on everything wide open and I thought there was nothing I could do about it. But our student (who had done network security for a while in the Air Force before coming to grad school) pointed out that our excellent IUCS sysadmin folks had already thought of this problem and provided a workaround -- after demonstrating how he could have screwed my stuff up, had he been malicious. It's fixed now, but jeez. I suck.

Apparently, people now think I'm good enough at monads that they ask me questions about them!

Apparently, people now think I'm good enough at monads that they ask me questions about them!


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