Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Another graveyard shift here at my parents' office.

It's becoming a pattern. I thought that it would bother my mom, this business of me staying up all night and sleeping all day, but actually, she thinks it's great. This way, see, I get the office to myself, so there's no noise or conversation to get distracted by. And I also think she likes being able to come into the office in the morning and see what I worked on overnight.

(begin geek stuff)

I'm pretty excited, because I did something I've never done before. I wrote this little web-based admin tool that can set and encrypt passwords for the database! It's teh r0x0rz!

In the process, I also learned (the hard way) that certain global variables in PHP are only available when PHP is installed as a module. If you're using the CGI version of PHP, tough. (I assume that when I move this thing over to the real server, if my folks ever decide on one, they'll be running mod_php. Ooh, and also, I learned that you can use variables inside a PHP echo statement. Who knew? (Probably everyone but me...)

Also, I found this neat MySQL GUI admin tool that I totally think my parents will be able to use. It does, well, pretty much everything else. In fact, it might even do the password-encryption thing; I haven't dug into all the menus yet. Oh, well. If it does, I'm still glad I had the experience of writing my own dinky little version.

(end geek stuff)

Running update: I ran again today for the first time in a week -- the first time since the marathon. It was fine, although the wind was so intense it nearly knocked me over. My toes have basically recovered. That's not to say they look good, though. That's the thing about running -- you can either have nice legs, or you can have nice feet...


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