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Lindsey Kuper

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I feel like all my journal entries lately have been of epic length [May. 25th, 2004|12:37 pm]
Lindsey Kuper

...and yet there's all this stuff that I haven't been covering. I barely wrote about graduation, and I didn't say much about iD training or the Reputation show, and I haven't really been writing about marathon stuff (I'm well into the winding-down phase now). Plus, there's something new that I haven't discussed at all. Soon. Maybe.

I've been trying to separate out my stuff into Camp and Not-Camp and Goodwill and Trash, as per my summer to-do list. It's tough. You would think that after leaving school, I'd be mostly packed already, but I've been unpacking and re-packing because the Camp and Not-Camp and Goodwill stuff was all mixed up, and here at my parents' house I have more of all three categories, plus Trash. In particular, there's a lot of stuff that's been sitting in a pile in a closet here in my room at home since, oh, seventh grade or so, and I'm slowly taking it out and dealing with it.

The amount of unsorted stuff is gradually shrinking, though, and I'm hoping that I'll be pretty much done by Saturday, because then I can go to Chicago to run the marathon without having to worry about all this stuff. Speaking of which, the marathon is in a week! Ahhhhhhhhhh!