Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

You gotta love Amtrak stations in small towns.

When I got to the Ottumwa station on Friday, the guy working there knew my first name. I pushed my photo ID over the counter toward him and he pushed it back without even looking at it. I really like taking the train, too. No instructional safety demonstrations, no seatbelts, lots of room for your baggage and you, no horrible soul-sucking airports, and it's more fuel-efficient than flying (cheaper and pollutes less). Sometimes, when the train starts moving, it's so smooth that you don't even notice it until you happen to glance out the window and see that the scenery is going by; what could be more different from the elaborate and jarring takeoff procedure in a plane? About the only disadvantage of the train is that it takes so long -- but today that'll give me time to look over my new iD curriculum stuff.

I echo Electra eliciel's sentiment of being less stressed now that school is over. It's amazing to think that today, all I really have to do is finish packing up my stuff, go have lunch with my sister, hop on the train back to Ottumwa, and then drive home.

Might stop in Grinnell, too (it's on the way), depending on the weather and such. Ahh! What if I'm already becoming one of those sketchy alums who comes back to visit constantly? Heh heh.

Oh, yeah, and also, I saw J-J meterbridge last night! Yay!


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