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I had, to the dollar, used up my grocery budget for the month. But I went to the grocery store this evening anyway, because I wanted to have Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. I got two big bags of Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Roll-related candy.

I put the candy in a big bowl by the door. I turned on all the lights at my place. I lit the candles in the window. I lit the jack o' lantern I carved yesterday and put him in the window, too. It started getting dark out. I sat on the couch with my coffee and my theory homework and a Tootsie Roll Pop, and I waited for the kids to come.

Nobody came.

It's nothing personal. I think that kids just don't come to apartment buildings. But, dammit, I was hoping to at least get a couple.

If Alex oniugnip were here, here is what we would do. First, we would put on our black ski masks and black clothes. (If we didn't have black ski masks, we would get them.) Then we would put the candy in bags and ride our bikes to the library, where there would be a hundred undergrads working in the 24-hour Information Commons on Halloween night. We would dash inside and run around at top speed, throwing candy on everyone's desk, never saying a word. No one would know who we were, because of our ninja outfits. (No one would know who we were anyway. The ninja outfits are nevertheless crucial.) And then we'd dash out again. It would be awesome and hilarious.

What happened instead was that I took the candy over here to Lindley Hall and put it in a basket on the Free Stuff table with a "Free candy! Please have some!" sign, where it will be picked at over the next two or three weeks. And in a few hours Mint is going to send me mail telling me that I exceeded my monthly grocery budget by $7.79. And that will have been Halloween 2008.

Next year, love...


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