Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Fencepost error

I'm in Dan's office with him and Will. The two of them are sitting on the couch, working on R7RS or something, and the game we appear to be playing is "make Lindsey work on her homework while simultaneously answering Dan's questions about her life with some modicum of intelligence".

"And your husband," Dan says, "is he here, too?"

I stop typing.


"Isn't that a wedding ring?" he says.

I look at my hands. They have the same two rings on them that I've been wearing for the last decade: one on my right-hand ring finger and one on my left-hand middle finger, and that's it.

I hold up my bare left-hand ring finger. "Isn't this the wedding ring finger?"

"Fencepost error," Will says, barely looking up.

"Oh, right," says Dan.

And we all continue typing. But I go around grinning broadly for the rest of the day.

Tags: b521

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