Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

"Is there anything of interest?!"

The meta-narrative proceeds apace. 4.5 pages so far.

Man. I saw Travesties over the weekend, and it's still all I can think about. I think I need to see it two or three more times, because I'm pretty sure I missed a good 75% of what was going on. Stoppard rules. Also, a good play is the best excuse ever to just sit and stare at attractive people for two hours.

Unrelatedly, this is from the Industrial Theme Park show on the 24th. (My friend Joe's electronica band -- that's him on the left.) The photo is by David Kennedy; check out his cool nature photography, if you get a chance.

04/24/2004: Industrial Theme Park at Electro-Melodica: Joe and me

These are all on the website now...I swear there'll be more music up soon, too. By Saturday, probably.

Tags: fixme, jazz project 2004

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