Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

How it works

Alex: Can I buy you a new 24-inch Dell LCD monitor?
Lindsey: *flails*
Alex: *waits*
Lindsey: *launches into a twenty-minute monologue about owning too much stuff, about the stress caused by the dilemma of how to rid oneself of excess stuff, and about the immobilizing guilt that would certainly accompany the acquisition of yet more stuff, notwithstanding the fact that one is currently using a 15-inch monitor which was purchased used from craigslist over four years ago and which has two dead pixels*
Alex: *listens*
Lindsey: Do you understand why I feel this way?
Alex: I think so, yes. Now, can I buy it for you, or not?
Lindsey: Yes.
Alex: Cool, because I just clicked the button.
Lindsey: Thank you. I love you.
Alex: I love you.

Luckiest girl, etc.


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