Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

ICFP contest results!

You know that little programming contest that Alex oniugnip and I did last month? The partial results are in, and we didn't entirely embarrass ourselves!

All the teams competed in the first round; in each round, some teams were eliminated based on their score and the remaining teams went on to the next round. (The contest organizers chose which score would be the cutoff point for each round.) Our team made it up to round 4 before being eliminated! If I'm reading the results correctly, there were 282 teams competing in round 1; 262 teams in round 2; 219 teams in round 3; and 186 teams in round 4. We were among the 29 teams that were eliminated at that point. I'd love to take a look at the maps they had us competing on, but those aren't up yet.

The Pear Programmers (Jesse jes5199, Josh j3h, Kim boojum, and Paul stereotype441) got further than we did -- they made it to round 6 before being eliminated!

They've only released results through round 7, and at this point there seem to be 68 teams left to battle it out. I see that a couple of well-known teams have been eliminated, but there are certainly some familiar names among those 68 (although it's still wide open for an unknown team to pull an upset). I'm happy with our scores -- we did better than I was expecting -- but mostly, I'm just happy to have participated. During OSCON week, I gave a short talk at Code n' Splode about my experience in the contest. If you care, here are my crib notes from the talk!

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