Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Damian Conway and Larry Wall on Perl 6

"Welcome to the annual Perl 6 update."

"My usual approach to the Perl 6 update is that I think of stuff I'd like, put it on slides, and then I convince Larry to add it in after the talk."

"Another thing that Larry did in the last twelve months was reorganize the operator precedence table again. ...Again."

"The concept of 'undefined' is a bit more sophisticated in Perl 6. We now have this notion of 'interesting values of undef'. So we renamed the err operator to orelse. It's kind of both a threat and a promise."

Damian: *demonstrates the "string increment" feature which works smarter on filenames in Perl 6*
Voice from the front row: "So you can upgrade a script to a module just by calling string increment?"
Damian: "...You are an evil man. And I like you."

"Constants are now initialized in constant time."

Damian: "Yes, Schwern."
Schwern: "Did you consider using Unicode superscripts?"
Damian: "Actually, yes."
Larry: "But we rejected it."
Damian: "But only on grounds of sanity."


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