Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Some kind of wild stab at clarity

Thanks to everyone who commented in my last journal entry, as well as to those who've discussed the all-girl rock show with me on Plans or in person. Though I disagree with some of you, your comments have been sane and thoughtful and I really appreciate your making me think harder about this stuff.

One person decided to delete his own comment in the entry linked above, and of course that's fine. I deleted one of my own as well, since it quoted at length the one he deleted. That's as much self-censorship as I will allow, no matter how much a fool I make of myself. =)

I addded some things said on Plans as comments to that entry, minus full names for privacy's sake and with a couple other slight changes, in an effort to keep the discussion manageable and in one place. If you came here from Plans, thanks. I know from experience that it's a pain to have to leave Plans to read these things, but I prefer to use LiveJournal for longer things I've written and things that I want to keep, because it makes archiving easier. I really should have kept the whole thing on LJ in the first place.

If anyone cares, I feel that the last couple of paragraphs of this comment do an okay job of summing up how I feel. However, you might want to read the other comments for context.

I've also begun a discussion via email with Emily, Rachel, and Sarah, who organize the all-girl rock show. They initiated the discussion, and they were really nice about it, considering how caustic I was with what I first wrote. I see now that I should have approached them about this long ago, maybe years ago, and that it was a bad idea to leave my feelings all bottled up about all this until they exploded in writing, as you all saw happen. At least now it's evident how strongly I feel about this. Know that my strong feelings come not out of a desire to hurt anyone or break them down, but rather a passionate love of music and a desire for the women's rock show to be all that it claims and deserves to be.

If you want to leave a comment, please use this entry; the other one's getting unmanageable. Thanks a lot.


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