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SFoT #32 [Apr. 30th, 2008|07:21 pm]
Lindsey Kuper
[Tags|, ]

Shoebox Full of Tapes #32: I Remember Everything.

Now, the really important question: while I was digging through this old stuff, I also found an embarrassing video! of us playing this song at a Gardner Lounge show in 2004. In said video, I twitch around spastically and compress the pitch range of the song to two notes, "low" and "high".

Poll #1180579 So, my question for you is: do I put it on YouTube for all the world to see?

Should I post an embarrassing video of my band on YouTube?

Hell yes.

(shoeboxtapes will be your best friend!)


[User Picture]From: kel_e_o
2008-05-01 03:46 am (UTC)
Did you honestly think that people would say "yes" when "hell yes" is sitting right underneath?!
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[User Picture]From: lindseykuper
2008-05-01 05:19 am (UTC)
Hey, who am I to presume how people will vote? This podcast is a democracy, man.*

* Not actually true.
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