Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

To Force a Fate

I'm not going to cross-post my entire review of the new Reputation record from the Rep discussion list, mostly because everyone reading this who cares about that band is probably already a member of said list. But I will say that "The Ugliness Kicking Around" on the new Reputation record tears me apart in exactly three places: first, Elizabeth's tiny hesitation in the first line of the lyrics. Second, the fourth and fifth notes of the violin part when it comes in. Third, the way the strings rise up with the drums at about 4:14 where her voice comes back in.

After that, if I'm not already done for, the raised fourths in the piano part finish me off.

"For The Win" was my favorite on their first record. Well, Jeff badlydrawnjeff was right when he said that this song is the new album's "For the Win", except way, way better.

Couple of shows coming up that I'm excited about. On Saturday, Industrial Theme Park, this band that I keep talking about, will be playing our first, and most likely last, show as part of the Electro-Melodica thing at Gardner. If you like electronica and dance parties, this will be fun and tastefully bizarre, and I encourage people to go, because our friend, bandmate, and fearless leader Joe is truly Grinnell's best-kept musical secret. Really! And then on Sunday, my band is playing at Bob's Underground. (For those of you who are playing at home, this is the seventh (!) time I've played Bob's, but the first time our whole band has played there. It's kind of exciting because we're last, and I don't think I've ever played last at anything, ever.)


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