Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

ln, link -- make lindsey insane

Given one or two arguments, ln creates a link to an existing file source_file. If target_file is given, the link has that name; target_file may also be a directory in which to place the link; otherwise it is placed in the current directory. If only the directory is specified, the link will be made to the last component of source_file.

I can never remember how to use ln. I always look at the man page, and then I always get it wrong anyway. I don't understand how such a durned simple thing can be so hard, but it is!

The confusing part is that the existing file is "source", and the new thing you're making is "target". To me, in this context, a "target" should be something that already exists. Picture an archery target, with arrows flying into it from potentially many places. Many sources, one target! Right?

But no, they want you to think of "source" as the thing being pointed to, and "target" as the thing that points. Can someone suggest some kind of mental picture or mnemonic that will make me remember this? I'm tired of getting it wrong.


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