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fierce data cloud [Feb. 26th, 2008|02:05 am]
Lindsey Kuper
[Tags|, ]

Which 2007-2008 Shoebox Full of Tapes song should I submit for the 2008 PDX Pop Now! compilation?

Submissions are due on Friday. I can only submit one song. #26 and #29 are out of the running because they're covers, and as much as I like #28, it seems inappropriate for a Portland-centric comp 'cause most of the musicians on it aren't Portlanders. #23 is out because it's just a less-polished #27.

Poll #1144570 So, that leaves four choices.

Lindsey, you should submit:


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[User Picture]From: lindseykuper
2008-02-29 04:03 am (UTC)
Hee. A poll like this is 100% pure ego-food: "Would you like to compliment me on this or this or ..."

All right, "You're Beautiful" it is. It won by a landslide, plus I got one more vote for it elsewhere (sort of). Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. And thanks, spinnerin_ftw, for the Twitter. I can tell from my stats that I got Audrey'd!

Personally, I agree with indy1725 and oranges4oranges that other songs are more musically interesting, but "musically interesting" ain't everything, it turns out.
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