Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

implementation details

I've been forcing myself to go out and run in the cold by putting on enough clothes that it's uncomfortable being inside. I can't find my gloves, though, so my hands are cold for the first mile and a half. After that, they turn into radiators!

I'm trying to see my route through fresh eyes and think about what special attractions I might want to point out to my co-winner oniugnip when he's here on Friday. (The yard with the huge "IMPEACH" sculpture will be a highlight.) He called earlier; it was kind of awesome:

Alex: Can you meet me at the airport and take me to your place?
Lindsey: Yes, but I don't have a car.
Alex: You don't have a car? That's beautiful!
Lindsey: Um, so, I could try to figure out the Flexcar thing before Friday, or we could take the train.
Alex: I don't care about the implementation details.

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