Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

3.7 miles tonight puts me at 37 miles for the month and 37% done

The Haskell kids'll appreciate this: I went by a sign that appeared to read "PCRi", and my knee-jerk thought was, "Oh, that must be the interactive environment for PCR."

Mike jonatthebar's iPod's screen is dead, but everything else about it functions fine, so he's simply listening to everything on it in alphabetical order. He was blasting AC/DC when he left my place tonight. I've just gotten back from my run, and I see he's written:

Things improved greatly on the way home when I moved on to Ace of Base. If you haven't given "The Sign" a play in the last 12 years, you owe it to yourself. If possible, with the windows rolled down, while scooping the loop in downtown Vancouver. Yeah.

My friends are awesome.

Tags: nablopomo 2007, narorumo 2007

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