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  • I was surprised to realize on re-listen (and re-listen and re-listen and re-listen) that the 1992 Gin Blossoms song "Found Out About You" is actually a really good song. A well-written song. It's not, you know, some horrible "adult alternative" junk that some look-how-quirky-our-album-cover-is embarassment of a band like Train or someone would do. It's a really, really good song. In fact, perhaps the best way to explain it is to say that it would fit comfortably on, oh, say, for instance, the 1986 Smithereens album Especially for You. Not that I've, you know, been mentally conflating it with the rest of the songs on that album for, oh, say, the last fifteen years. At all. Or anything.
  • I was working on some problems called Toolbox Tutorials for a chemistry course, and the name kept cracking me up. I kept thinking about how, when meterbridge and I were roommates, we used "toolbox" as an intensifier of "tool", as in, "That guy who talked on his phone during the entire movie? What a toolbox." Although, actually, the term should be "power tool", and a "toolbox" should be a vehicle driven by, or currently populated by, tools. Oh, and a group of three or more tools in general: "toolchain".
  • "As with deconstructionism, a reconstructivist artwork is aware of its own status as a creation, an illusion or a fiction. However, unlike a deconstructionist work, a reconstructivist is not ironic, or if so, it is not merely ironic. It compels you to believe in its own deeper reality, even as it acknowledges its superficial artificiality." Are you buying that? I might be.
  • I've been meaning to mention how, months and months ago, indy1725 and I went to see the Helvetica movie, and it was awesome. Afterward, there was a Q & A with the director, Gary Hustwit, and with Illustrious American Type Designer David Carson. It turned out that, originally, Hustwit was just going to go around shooting montages of places where Helvetica showed up, and so there's a lot of set-up-a-camera-in-a-large-city-and-watch-all-the-Helvetica-go-by sort of stuff in the film. But then he started talking to type designers, and it just snowballed, and all of a sudden, boom, documentary about a font. If you ever want to see a whole bunch of people splooging themselves about fonts, see this movie. I think my favorite part is when one of the people they interviewed is explicating a Coke ad in Life magazine from the 70s. "It's the real thing. Period. Coke. Period. In. Helvetica. Any questions? Of course not." I was losing my shit. Oh, yeah, and they're coming out with a DVD because they have sixty hours of stuff they didn't use in the movie. There exist sixty hours of footage of people talking about Helvetica. Oh my God. (I'm honestly not that into David Carson's style, and I'm glad you don't see it all over the place anymore, but he's still smart and interesting.)

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