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I really want to put something new on the podcast tonight, but I can't. Last night I recorded a song that I think might be the best cover I've done, but then I went and emailed the band to see if they're okay with my putting their song on the podcast, which means that, now, in order to not be a total jerk, I can't put it up unless they reply and say it's okay, even though I wasn't actually legally obligated to ask in the first place. And of course, they're on tour, so they're probably sort of busy, and on top of that they probably have intermittent email access. And the first emails they answer probably won't be the ones from strangers. (I'm not telling who it is, yet, except to say that it's a band and a song I've never covered before.)

In the meantime, let's talk about this thing. I look at my first four "Similar Artists", and my first reaction is "Smashing Pumpkins cover bands". That's not really true at all, but they're all bands that were on Ghost Children. After that, there are four artists from the Pumpkins diaspora; then, anomalously, Fiona Apple; and finally the actual Pumpkins. notes that the Similar Artists chart is based on user listening habits, not on, you know, actual similarity. But that just means that, even after all these years, most people who are listening to my stuff are doing so because of Ghost Children. Sigh. (It's interesting to note which of the GC artists made the chart. I'm guessing it's either because those are the best tracks, or because those are the tracks that someone who thinks Lindsey Kuper is good would think are the best tracks. Who can say?) I don't have an explanation for the Fiona Apple thing. Maybe it's the Jesse jes5199 effect. I'm hoping they diversify a bit, because I honestly am curious to know who I might sound like. And I know I don't sound like, you know, Zwan.

Anyway! I uploaded a couple songs, which I think will eventually result in them turning up on similar artists' radio stations on the site. You can listen to them, too! Oh, and I got one of those MySpace things, which has a few songs on it, too. I won't be putting the covers up in any of these other places, only the originals.

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