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Lindsey Kuper

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I usually like that old records are shorter, but... [Mar. 23rd, 2004|10:45 pm]
Lindsey Kuper

12 miles = 3 2/3 spins of Bridge Over Troubled Water. I mean, it's a good record, but I don't know if it's that good. That mp3 player's looking more and more worth it.


From: hiamanda
2004-03-23 11:41 pm (UTC)
12 miles?? That sounds good to me! I am in such awe of you, Lindsey!

I need to get back into shape. Any suggestions as to how to get back into running (or at least walking; I have bad knees and a tendency towards getting shin splints so running every day is horrible for me) on a regular basis?
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[User Picture]From: lindseykuper
2004-03-24 07:09 am (UTC)
Hmm, okay. Well, I wouldn't suggest that anyone run every day. I only run 4 days a week, and you would probably want to start with 3 days a week, and when I say "run", I really mean "jog at a slow to moderate pace".

However, if you have bad knees, then maybe running just isn't for you. I was blessed with good knees and ankles, which is why I'm able to even consider running this much. For me, running feels good. If running is painful for you, then you might want to try something like swimming instead (which I happen to be mediocre at, so you'd need to find someone else to give you tips).

Other suggestions: Make sure you have good shoes that fit, or you will be in a world of pain. Also, in my experience, listening to music makes it more fun. And if you need a place to run, Ahrens Park east of Grinnell is a really good place.

Finally, don't be in awe of me, because for the last three miles yesterday, I was pathetically slogging along, and when I got home I was dehydrated and sunburned, and my left knee is really sore today. And that was less than half of a marathon. So I still have a ways to go.

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