Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

How bad at self-promotion am I?

So bad that I tell you about my shows after they happen. I played at Healthy Pets for Last Thursday, thanks to Amariah anonamyst's recommendation. That's right, I played a show at a pet store. They had an art opening, and I hauled my keyboard and gear over (three trips. ow, I hurt. someone wanna buy me a van?) and managed to set everything up and not have anything break or quit working on me. (It was a relief to know that the reason one of my keyboards hasn't been working lately was merely a borked cable, not a borked keyboard.) I didn't think anyone would be around to listen, because all of my fans seemed to be either at orchestra rehearsal, at the They Might Be Giants show that was here tonight, or out of the state. But there were a fair number of people in and out of the store. And I made $8 in tips!

What I played:

  • Try Not to Stare
  • Rock Star Girl
  • Practice
  • Working on a New Song
  • You're Beautiful
  • Recent Scars
  • The Song Nobody Knows
  • Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod
  • Something to Lose
  • I Remember Everything

I went through the list twice, with a break in the middle, except that the second time through I skipped "Knows" and then added "Reverting to Type" at the end.

I went back and listened to the last two months' podcasts, and I can't believe how uncertain and hesitant they sound, especially "Working on a New Song". I need to do them over. Actually, I just need to update the damn podcast in general. I have three days left not to fail at my update-every-month plan.


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