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My, What A Busy Week!: 2007 edition

Monday: Brazil night in my basement. Indigo indy1725 says, "Your LiveJournal friend is coming over. He called me to find out if it was okay." I'm kind of, "Guh?" Then Leigh phthoggos shows up, and it all makes sense. After the movie, I ask if Leigh knows Monica keystricken from school; he says that they'd been in some of the same groups. I ask, "The redhead club?" Then I just sort of lie back and watch the vapor trails as Indigo and Leigh trade about a dozen cultural references that pass fast and far over my head. I find out later that "the redhead club" was some kind of Sherlock Holmes reference. Or something. I'm still not sure.

Tuesday: Gilliam night three. Michael jonatthebar and I get the hat trick award for sticking it out for the entire movie, all three nights. Mike later says that Brazil had made him feel, and this is a direct quote, "all gooshy about the USA". If ever a consequence were unintended.

Wednesday: Telling my boyfriend about my crush had been nerve-wracking and exhilarating and had felt pretty great afterwards. Telling my crush about my crush goes similarly. We bike to the Waypost and talk about things. I've got some things to say about songwriting and storytelling, and how the songs are only in our heads, a recording can only ever be a snapshot, and it can never be a good one, they don't hold still long enough, I can't tell you what "Practice" is, it isn't this, or this, and "Number" isn't this or this, and "Recent" isn't this and it (sure as hell) isn't this. "Do you hear what I'm saying? If you do, have your ears checked, because no one said a word." Exactly.

Thursday: We're almost done watching Firefly. I don't know what Indigo and I are going to do when we're out of Joss Whedon material. (When Buffy at the Mission ended, I was like, "So, do we have to break up now?" and he was all, "Hahahahahah um no." Erika erikamoen comes over and I compliment her on her hair, and she compliments Paul stereotype441 and me on our house, all of the credit for which should go to Paul. I just live here.

Friday: Board game night. Robert suggests we get an Extreme Irony calendar to go with our Extreme Ironing one. Eric says, "No one ever says anything redundant, ever!" and we all assume he's being redundant on purpose, and laugh, and then he explains that it was unintentional, and we laugh harder.

Saturday: Dan dan_o_m, Mike, Paul, Matt mattgifford, Angela and I all meet at Dan's house and make enormous sandwiches, then jump into Matt's and Dan's cars to head to the coast for an sndc outing. It's wonderful. We see an impromptu juggling demonstration from Paul and go for a long walk along the beach by Haystack Rock before the rains come. We poke our toes into some pools, and it seems like everyone in the water has a surfboard. I see a surfer with a tattoo of a surfer. I see a girl with a Just Shy shirt, and I should have talked to her. Half of us fall asleep on the way back to Portland, and Paul and I accidentally find a new way to bike home.


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