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I'm in my hotel room in Dubuque, a mile and a half from the river, Adult Swimming it up, blow-drying my phone1, and ruminating my weekend. The ceremony was short and pretty much perfect. Ginny gawm's sisters read the "What is Real?" passage from The Velveteen Rabbit. Chris underwhelm's cousin sn0w_cr4sh read a Nietzsche thing about love and music. Ginny and Chris teared up reading their vows. I did, too.

At the reception, I met Jess mangoflute and some other friends of Ginny's from college. When I explained that Maya leadsynth was my sister, there were all these flashes of recognition, and then a lot of "Dude! She lived down the hall from me!" and also some "Dude! She came to my senior recital!" and then a fair amount of, "Dude. I go to this random wedding in Iowa, and I meet the twin sister of one of the total two Iowans I know, who is here because she's friends from college with the guy who's marrying the one other Iowan I know." It's good to know I'm doing my part to further perpetuate the notion that everyone from Iowa knows each other, grew up together, looks the same, and/or is probably related! But then someone moved my place card at the last moment and I ended up seated with Courtney sherwooddotnu and Ben and Amy amyaction and Jamal themall and Zach and Todd, which was swell, and it turned out Jamal knew Roy royhuggins and Brian, and at some point I realized that if I ever get married, I'll have to have a mapping of LiveJournal usernames to actual reception-guest names printed on the back of the programs or something and save everyone having to ask, or instead, hell, I'll just put the usernames on the place cards and save them the translation step, too.

Some other stuff happened. I borrowed Cathy charliecopper's awesome bike and went tooling around Bellevue with Gregg floydcollins. We went to look at the lock and dam and had a lovely conversation. (Note to non-Iowans: He fell off his fixed-gear bike trying to get up the hill from the river. And I had to walk Cathy's bike. That's how flat my state isn't. Bitches.) We played Apples to Apples. Chris gave me the Mingling Award for talking to people in all three groups: pre-Ginny Chris-friends, pre-Chris Ginny-friends, and Ginny-and-Chris-together-friends. It was kind of strange to meet so many people who knew Ginny xor Chris. I felt all proud that I'd at least met both of them prior to the wedding! People wanted to know where my theoretical boyfriend was, and I had to explain that Indigo indy1725 was not present because he was at MoCCA and anyway wasn't especially big on weddings or Iowa, which elicited responses like "Pshhh! This isn't a wedding!" and "This isn't Iowa!" Hee.

This morning, Violet and I drove back to Bellevue, and we chilled out and helped some wedding guests decorate their car with rainbow-colored Sharpies. Yes. Jeremy and I started walking toward town, and then my parents showed up, and we all crashed a brunch party at Ginny's mom's bed-and-breakfast in Bellevue, which was fantastically good. Then my parents and I went and explored Davenport for a while and caught up on each other's lives while walking around the really pretty cool new museum there, then while shopping at the hilariously-named and well-stocked Family Liquor Store. As we were strolling near the park in front of the courthouse, Chris and Ginny drove by in their car and stopped to chat. Because, you know, everyone in Iowa knows each other. And hangs out together. In front of the courthouse.

Great weekend. Bravo, Ginny and Chris. I think you should get married every year.

  1. Unless the rinse-and-blowdry treatment resurrects it, it will have met with an untimely end due to wedding-favor bubble-solution spillage after the shindig yesterday. The iPhone comes out in a few days. Stop it, universe, just stop it!

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