Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Yeah, so I'm not going to run a marathon this spring.

I've fought with myself a lot about it. I have a You're A Slacker devil sitting on one shoulder, and a No You're Not angel on the other, and every day we have the same conversation:

Devil: You managed to train for and run a marathon in 2004, so why can't you do it this year? Slacker.
Lindsey: Um, I...
Angel: That's completely unfair. You didn't have a job then, and you do now.
Lindsey: Yeah! See?
Devil: You did it in 2006, and you were working.
Lindsey: Crap. Yeah, that's true.
Angel: But you weren't dating anyone last year! That takes time, too.
Devil: In 2005, you were working and dating someone and commuting an hour and a half every day, and you still managed to find the time to run a marathon.
Angel: *scornfully* Oh, yeah, and we all know how well that worked out. You ran your worst marathon ever, the relationship ended badly a month later, you fled to the other side of the country, and then the job ended up disintegrating anyway. Awesome, dude. Way to go.
Lindsey: Hey, fuck you too! Whose side are you on, anyway?!
Devil: I win! Slacker.
Lindsey: Stop it! You're both fired!
Angel and devil: *slink away*
Angel (yelling from next room): You have a more challenging job now...


Let the record show that I lifted a bunch of weights and ran a bunch of miles, even if it wasn't as much as in a typical spring. And let the record show that it's not that I can't handle the training, it's that it takes so much time.

And I want so much time, you guys. I want time to not be two hours late for Dan dan_o_m's birthday party. I want time to make cinnamon rolls with Indigo indy1725 on a Sunday morning. I want time to read the books that I got for Christmas; I want time to learn about XPath; I want time to have coffee with Blue lovemotionstory; I want time to finish writing this song that I'm still not through with still isn't through with me. There are so many things that I want to do that I haven't already done three times.

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